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Joe McNorthMan
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OSM name: Joe McNorthMan
First name: Joe
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Joe says hi!


Post by Joe McNorthMan » 24 Sep 2018, 18:56

Name: Joe
Age: 23
Country: Republic of Kosovo
OSM name: Joe McNorthMan
Does your OSM name have a certain meaning? Just one useless man from the north, absolutely no meaning behind it :).
How long have your played OSM? From 2012, but it feels like ever since I was born.
Which teams are your managing right now? Some Latin American ones, didn't even bother to check because i'm on an urgent hunt to reach 100% world domination.
Favorite team: I'll just leave this blank.
Hobbies: Football and Alcohol.
How did you find OSMUnited? Google.
Other things you want to mention: Absolutely nothing.

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