Problems loading multiple OSM maps onto Basecamp

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Problems loading multiple OSM maps onto Basecamp


Post by depprussell » 07 Jul 2018, 16:40


I had downloaded a section of tiles in Eastern Europe, and installed the map onto Basecamp using the osm_generic_windows.exe file, and had no problems. I then used Javawa GMTK to rename the map to OSM Eastern Europe, and also gave it a new id, and that seemed to work fine. I was also able to transfer the map from Basecamp onto my Nuvi. Now, when I try to install another OSM map (for Great Britain) using another osm_generic_windows.exe file, I get an error message saying:
OSM generic Routable is already installed.
Click "OK" to remove the previous version and continue installation, or click "Cancel" to cancel this update. My question is why I am getting this error message when I have renamed the map to another name. I do have a folder: C:\garmin\Maps\Worldwide Garmin A Z Routable\OSM generic routable , but that dates back to 2017, and I can't tell exactly what's in it--my guess is that its the world map that comes with Basecamp, and it was there when I installed the Eastern Europe OSM, and did not cause any problems. What should I do?
Please help.

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