[ 4-5-1 ] Tactics for small teams .

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[ 4-5-1 ] Tactics for small teams .


Post by Ah Ahmed » 13 Jun 2017, 11:44

Good Evening guys ,,
Today I'll show u some good tactics for formation ( 4-5-1 ) for small teams ,
the tactics is not only pure defensive but also preferable for small teams ,,
I am managing Middlesbrough in EPL and the first match was against Liverpool we drew togehter with a result ( 3-3 ) and here is the screenshot of the statistics of the match :) ,,

the tactics are so easy (( but only for small teams )) ,,
here is the tactics for OSM United members ^_^ ,,

Press 65% Tempo 75% Style 55%
Thanks you all <3 .
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Post by susanav » 29 Nov 2018, 18:06

I think this app can help you. It has a lot of information on tactics for each formation, including experimental tactics.

Get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... gerTactics.

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